Wire Product Base Description

Silicone Calcium Yarn Base Product Description

Silicon-free calcium core for steel deoxidation, desulfurization, can improve the performance of steel to improve steel's plasticity, impact strength and flow of molten steel, but also has direct access to the melt steel melt, uniform distribution and so on. With the development of the alloy steel industry, high-grade steel, a substantial increase in steel varieties, furnace refining technology continues to improve, to promote the successful development of power line technology. The use of feed technology than the powder and directly into the alloy block has superior superiority. Jiangyin Hongrui Main Line Co., Ltd. Main production line in strict accordance with national standards require the implementation of the production of the main line with a uniform feed, geometric size of the rules, the advantages of low disconnection, the product can also be customized according to customer requirements. The core-core technology of silicon-calcium alloy is the increase of a kiln in recent years, a means of refining, is widely used in the modern practice of steel feed technology. Alloy core wire is used to clean molten steel, to change the shape of inclusions, to improve the molding capacity and mechanical properties of molten steel, and can significantly improve the performance of ferro alloys and reduce the cost of refining steel and its economic effect is remarkable. The feed technology is the national technology promotion project of eight five, widely used as deoxidizer, desulfurization agent, shape change of steel inclusions, improves the quality. 2000 at Handan Iron and Steel Company, the third steel mill in the successful use of thin slab and then the plate Guangzhou Pearl River, Inner Mongolia Bao Gang Bo board, Hunan Lianyuan sheet, Ma Steel Sheet, Meishan hot coil, The coil was used. The company's main line, iron calcium line, aluminum calcium line, calcium calcium line, so far maintained a good cooperative relationship.