Cored wire operating procedures

What is a common problem with cored wire

1, it will test a good strip on the roll of the machine to rewind a good strip.

2, in the silo put a mesh screen of 8, will test a good calcium silicon alloy in the silo, with mesh screen size of 8 will be unqualified alloy sieve.

3, the roll will be a good reel on the reel in the process of rolling the silicon calcium alloy well wrapped. 13mm wire diameter, the surface is smooth, requiring a strong coating, the seam is not, no crevice, no broken line, no virtual package, oil-free surface, no rust.

4, in the winding process according to the speed of timely adjustment of the cutting speed.

5 in the winding machine will roll the core line neatly to minimize knocking on the core wire to reduce the teeth from the core surface.

6, roote a good line with a packing belt will be wrapped around the core, with the crane hanging on the core coil. The basic package should be solid welded, qualified packaging after storage.

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